United States Flags


United States Flags

Are you looking for a top manufacturer of US flags and offers American flags in a variety of fabric material, styles and sizes – all with a time-honored assurance of long-lasting durability and beauty? All of Valley Forge’s flags are manufactured to exacting specifications, under the strictest quality control. Valley Forge Flag designs and constructs polyester, nylon and cotton fabrics that are durable in the face of the sun, wind and rain. All materials are lightweight in construction to wave freely and high in tensile strength to withstand wind and harsh weather conditions. All of Valley Forge’s U.S. flags are 100% made in the United States of America.

Here’s what you need to know about flag fabrics:

Nylon: The best all-round material for everyday flag displays. Nylon flags are lightweight, resistant fading well and dry fast. They work well both indoors and outdoors. These flags are generally competitively priced

Heavyweight 2-Ply Polyester: Constructed with durable, high-grade 2-ply spun polyester, these flags are specially designed to be the longest-lasting, best looking flags on the market.

Cotton: Good for indoor or outdoor applications, cotton has a rich feel, is generally heavier than nylon, but may wear or fade faster than nylon or 2-ply polyester.

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